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Izzi's Pick!

In this episode, The Movie Log team passionately discuss the 2018 horror, action film, Mandy. Izzi loves horror films and is an avid watcher while David is not. Did Izzi pick this movie to torture her father or to show that even the horror genre can produce great cinema. Through a feisty debate David and Izzi talk about the inciting incident and women's history in film, the directors vision for the flick and the great camera work that went into the making of Mandy.

Izzi also gushes about one of her favorite actors, Nicolas Cage.

"I come for the Reaper."- Red Miller

Comment: We will like to remind our listeners that this is a horror film so we will be talking about blood, gore and murder along with heavy drug and religious references that are through out the movie.

TW: Death, Drugs and Murder

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