Izzi's Pick!

In this week's episode, the TML duo dives into the world of 1970's Colorado to discuss 2018's crime drama, BlackkKlansman. Through the lens of this movie, The TML duo discusses the themes of perception and film history.

The TML duo also discusses director Spike Lee's career and his film trademarks, as well as,  the flourishing careers of John David Washington and Adam Driver.

"Infiltrate hate."

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TW: Talk of murder, Ly**hing, sexual assault, and racism and images of the "Unite the Right rally" in this episode as references to historical events and the movie's plot.

Comment: We briefly touch on topics that discuss the systemic issues and everyday racism that African American's face every day. We at TML believe everyone should have the right to live freely and without prejudice. Here is a link to a list of some places where one can donate or do research. Your support is needed even now. Thank You.- https://www.everyaction.com/blog/22-black-led-nonprofits-making-history/