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Our first Hong Kong cinema film!

This week's episode centers around Once Upon a Time in China,the first installment of the famous trilogy of the same name, starring Jet Li (David's pick). The TML crew discussed the connection between American western folk heroes and characters in Chinese kung fu movies. They also talk about the Chinese and Hong Kong film industries  and the birth of the Wuxia and Martial Arts hero's.  David and Izzi chronicle the influence choreographer Yuen Woo Ping has on movies such as recent Marvel movies with his fast paste , smoothed edited fights.

Comment: We briefly touch on topics that discuss the systemic issues and everyday racism that Asian American's face everyday. We at TML believe everyone should have the right to live freely and without prejudice and stand with the AAPI community. Here is a link to some places where one can donate. Your support is needed even now. Thank You. (   

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