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Halloween Movie Month:

This week's movie monster is the Mummy!

In this week's episode, the TML duo talks about the 1959 Hammer film, The Mummy, a remake using the beloved Universal studio character. In the episode, David and Izzi talk about Hammer Studios and beloved Horror actors, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

Along with the 1959 movie, Izzi takes David down the rabbit hole and discusses the placement that the whole Mummy franchise has in today's world, its place in horror history, and the real-world influences of the movie.

"Its evil look brings MADNESS! Its evil spell ENSLAVES! Its evil touch KILLS KILLS KILLS!"

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Notes: Izzi really loves Hammer movie posters and their distinct artistic style. This is a link to a really cool book about the different  Hammer posters from the '50s to 2015. Click here for a Guardian article showing some unique Hammer movie posters as well.